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Woodstock, NY

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In 1942 he moved to Woodstock, NY to complete a Section of Fine Arts mural. Once World War II began, the government's attention was fully engaged with activities relating to the war. It was felt that WPA projects were superfluous, and since there was no longer need for them, money was withdrawn and these projects were put out of business. The government took all of the remaining easel paintings, prints, and any other art from the projects and held an auction. Lehman says, "They auctioned everything off. All of these things were sold by the pound, not by the artwork."

From 1942-46 Lehman was very involved with art as a social and political statement. He did many paintings and constructions, and organized and directed shows along these lines at the Woodstock Art Association Gallery. In 1943, Lehman submitted two posters for the Museum of Modern Art's War Poster Show. Both Deliver Us From Evil and This Is the Enemy were chosen for the show which was held at MOMA and traveled throughout the country.

Lehman stayed in Woodstock throughout the War until 1946 doing mural, paintings, drawings, and several works for the war effort. The Treasury Department had paintings done specifically for the government's War Bond drives and artists were commissioned through the Associated American Artists Gallery in New York. It was through the AAA Gallery that Lehman was hired to do numerous works relating to the War.

Hervey White
Portrait of Hervey White, Woodstock, NY "co-founder" , 1943

Deliver Us From Evil,1943
Deliver Us From Evil
Harold Lehman
Museum of Modern Art
War Poster Exhibit 1943

After World War II, in 1946, Lehman returned to New York City. He resumed easel painting, sculpture, and photography. He made photographics prints without the use of a camera. Many of these were exhibited in 1947. He also began teaching art from his studio on West 21st Street.

Man In a Foxhole,1944

Man In A Foxhole
Harold Lehman
3 panelled Tempera
Woodstock Art Assoc.
War Exhibit, 1944

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Landscape Through A Hole
Landscape Through A Hole
Harold Lehman
Collage & Wash Drawing
with barbed wire