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1950 to 2000

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1950 to 2000

Woodwind Trio, 1985
Harold Lehman
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From 1945 until the early 1960's Lehman lived in a loft on West 21st Street in New York. In 1950, Lehman met Leona Koutras who had come to the studio for art lessons. Two years later they married.

Lehman moved with Lee from his studio in New York to Fort Lee and later to Leonia, New Jersey. In the ensuing years they had two children: Lisa and Harold.

In addition to continuing with his own art, Lehman became involved as a scenic artist/designer for both large scale theme parks as well as for television and film. In the early '60's he worked for Asbury Park and Freedom Land and in 1964-65 directed exhibits for the Coca-Cola Pavilion at the New York World's Fair. In 1967 he traveled to Montreal, Canada to be Exhibit Consultant to the Canadian Government's exhibits in Expo '67.

Throughout the 1970's Lehman was both designer and scenic artist for CBS and NBC television.

Since 1980, Lehman has been developing other art projects and exhibits. He has also given talks on art and been a panel member at art symposiums that include:

  • A symposium on Mexican and American art at the Detroit Institute of Art, with Francis O'Connor and Lawrence Hurlburt, 1978
  • A symposium on Art of the WPA era at the Miami-Dade Museum's Mitchel Wolfson Collection Exhibit, 1985.
  • The Tilted Arc controversy in New York where he was one of the speakers who addressed the topic "What Is Appropriate and What Isn't in Public Art", 1985.
  • A symposium on art of the WPA held at the Art Student's League, in New York,where Lehman was a guest speaker, March, 1999.


Harold Lehman , 1964-65
Coca Cola Pavilion
NY World's Fair

Self Portrain, 1998
Harold Lehman