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Family History

  Family History
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Harold & Albie age 3
Harold with his twin brother Albert. 1916

In 1913, Harold Lehman was born to Rachel and Abraham Lehman. Both Rae and Abe were immigrants from Europe who had arrived to New York City just after the turn of the century. By the time his parents were in their early twenties they were parents to five children. Lehman was one of two boys born to them in a second set of twins.

In the early years Abe did everything from working as a milkman to dancing in vaudeville and the early films that were shot in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

The turning point came when Abe learned how to sell insurance. Soon he and Rae went their separate ways, with Abe leaving the family to start a new life for himself in Los Angeles, California. Rae was left to raise five young children on her own with the meager earnings she made as a seamstress.

From a young age, Lehman developed his artistic abilities. His first serious interest in art was in sculpture. By the age of sixteen, he had learned plaster casting in a professional studio that did enlargements of monumental sculpture.

In February 1930, Abe sent airplane tickets to Rae for her to send any two of their children to Los Angeles. My dad, and his older brother Charlie took the opportunity to join their father on the west coast.

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Lehman Family 1914

Lehman Family 1914

Harold &Albert graduation, 1925

Harold and Albert Lehman 1928