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Harold & Lee Lehman,1990

Harold & Lee Lehman
1990 Leonia, NJ

I suppose that it wasn't until I decided to produce this web site that I really got to know my father and the world he lived in before I was born. The initial idea for this site was to just show his art. But, the more familiar I became with his life, the more I felt that his story should be told. So, I dedicate this site to my dad whose life's work made it possible.

My father is a private man, so it took some coaxing to get him to reveal many of the stories that you are about to read. In respect to his wishes, some things will go unsaid and hence there will be a few gaps. On the other hand, the cruel destruction of a vast amount of "controversial" art will be talked about to give testimony to a great tragedy in American history.

I also wish to dedicate this site to my mother, Lee Lehman who has stood by my father for over forty years. She has been there for my family with love and unwavering support from beginning to end nurturing us with her culinary artistry as well as inspiring us with the beauty of her garden.

Part of my inspiration to produce this site was to share my father's art with the world. Though he is well known by his peers in the professional artist and academic art communities, few people in the general public recognize his name or the role he has played in developing modern American art. I hope that through this website, the art of Harold Lehman will receive the public recognition it deserves.





Harold strolling Lisa,1956
Harold Lehman
1956 strolling Lisa
Lisa, 1958
Lisa Lehman Trager
Age 2 at W. 21st Street Studio