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2002 Post Surrealists Exhibit


Photos courtesy of Michael Duncan.



In the Spring of 2002, Harold Lehman was invited to exhibit two Post Surrealist paintings in the inaugural exhibit of the new Pasadena Museum of California Art located in Pasadena, California. Curator Michael Duncan gathered the work of nine of the main artists involved with the Post Surrealist movement that took place in Los Angeles in the 1930's, which include Lorser Feitelson and Philip Guston. Harold Lehman's The Adolescent and Portrait of a Dancer Plus a Scluptor are two Post Surrealist paintings featured in the show. The exibit began in Pasadena in June, 2002 and traveled to the Nora Eccles Museum of Art, Utah State University in Logan, Utah where it will be on display from October 11, 2002 through January 24, 2003.


Read article published in Art In America (January 1996) by Michael Duncan about Post-Surrealist exibit Pacific Dreams and Harold Lehman's painting Portrait of a Dancer Plus a Sculptor.

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